Osteria La Lanterna Da Gas


There are many restaurants where you eat well, while there are others where you eat divinely, this may be the case in La Lantern Gas, where the “music” of the kitchen merges with the live music sound of evening concerts, gaining the strength of the show to a show cooking! In fact, in this restaurant in the center of Venice is an understatement to say simply that “dirty”, from The Lantern Gas is eaten with pleasure accompanied by a great family atmosphere where you can taste typical Venetian dishes, the great classics, but also many delicacies.


The main attraction is the “hats to scallops and scampi sauce shellfish flavored with thyme,” here, is not music the sound of this dish? Safe and light as appetizing dishes that leave their mark in the mouth without causing any side effects, only so much gustatory pleasure. And of course with accompanying dishes such as the Venetian tradition, cannot fail to have good matching wines. The Lantern Gas has a truly superlative wine cellar, excellent wines from the best Italian labels as well as local, enjoy food in this restaurant is the rule, you can eat and drink as in a few other restaurants.

One of the special dishes for which many customers gladly come back to eat it, are certainly the “black cuttlefish with polenta”, a specialty that customers love and often return to taste it, this is probably the plate that generates a lot of buzz!


For all customers welcome could not be better, with a good sparkling wine that will be the forerunner to the wonderful dishes prepared by the magnificent cuisine from La Lanterna by Gas, and of course ends with a limoncello for the digestion process.

This incredible world we can find it close to the Piazzale Roma Parking and Train Station, the restaurant is open every day except Wednesday, for those who want to go and sample the cuisine fabulous time is as follows, from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00.

Location and Details


Sestiere Santa Croce, 24, 30100 Venezia, Italy


+39 388 567 5125